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          Physician360 is a search portal and network for and of physicians across the globe. Registered Members can use Physician360 to interact, learn from each other, contribute to better treatment practices, voice out their opinion, discuss issues related to medical fraternity and enhance their careers.

          We subscribe to the privacy, confidentiality, and ethics policies of all major marketing and marketing research organizations including but not limited to (Marketing Research Association (MRA), World Association of Research Professionals (ESOMAR)).

          We do not and never will rent or sell your information to third parties for marketing purposes. Any information that you provide will be secured with industry standard protocols and technology.

          We thank you for being part of this community. By using this website you are agreeing to our applicable terms, policies and guidelines. Please read the text below carefully. In case you have any questions, please feel free to communicate with us on email ( or phone (866)-978-6939

,,,, are owned and operated by Manthan Software Services Private Limited, Bangalore, Karnataka, India with business interests in technology, analytics and market research in medical as well as non-medical domains.




          We collect information when you perform search or read content on the website to add value to your own and other users experience on the site.

          We also collect information from you during the registration process and as part of the Services we provide. We also collect the IP address of the computer you used at the time you registered and confirmed your registration.

          Physician360 further collects publicly available information about physicians and healthcare professionals from multiple sources to enhance our Registered Members’ experience. This information includes your practice profile, photos, education, contact information and other personal details. As a Registered Member, other professionals may also provide information about you which we store and use to enrich your profile. Some elements of such information, on confirmation of its accuracy may be displayed on your Profile as a Registered Member.

          As a Registered Member, we also gather information on your practice such as qualifications and certifications speciality, number of patients, procedures and surgeries performed, type of practice, and your Internet speed, and your internet device, and computer capabilities to facilitate the collection, curation and provision of information most relevant to you in a format conveniently accessible by you. We also collect information when you refer your friends and/or colleagues to Physician360.

          Additional information may also be requested when you participate in specific activities or avail specific Services on the website.

          As a Registered Member, you verify that all information provided by you at any stage of registration, or in the course of any activity or as part of any Service on the website is accurate. Any determination of its inaccuracy through verification or failure of corroboration from external accredited sources could lead to a restriction of access and privileges on the site.

          If an authorized third party, such as an administrator in your office, completes the registration form on your behalf, both you and that third party will be deemed to have accepted all of the terms of the applicable Privacy Policy.

          If you have any hesitation about providing such information to us and/or having such information displayed on the Physician360 website or otherwise used in any manner permitted in this Privacy Policy and the applicable Terms and Conditions, you may refrain from providing this information.

          Your email information is not published on your profile and will not be shared without your permission. Your professional/work contact information like phone, address may be publicly available.

          We also want to make you aware that certain information you provide to Physician360 may reveal, or allow others to identify, your nationality, ethnic origin, religion or other aspects of your private life, and more generally about you. Please be aware that in providing information to Physician360 for the purposes of registration, you are expressly and voluntarily accepting the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy and Physician360’s Terms and Conditions. The supplying of all such information by you to Physician360, including all information deemed “personal” or “sensitive” by applicable law, is entirely voluntary on your part. You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time, in accordance with the terms of this Privacy Policy and the Terms and Conditions, but please note that your withdrawal of consent will not be retroactive.

          Right to access, modify or delete your information

          You have a right to access, modify, correct and eliminate the data about you. All information collected about you previous to an update, may still reside on our servers and may be used by Physician360 though not displayed thereafter.




          As a Registered User, Physician360 collects information about you, available from public sources, information provided by you and information collected as part of your usage of the website and its services.

          Information about you is used in following manner:

          Customized Content

          We use your information to provide customized content relevant to you. We also use your information to understand or develop content, services and features that may be of use to you.

          Finding colleagues, building professional network

          We use your information to find people that you may like to connect with or know from you professional history. In case you authorize, we may use standard technologies to search your colleagues and professional acquaintances from your other professional or social networking accounts or email boxes. Please be assured that such activity will be done only after your explicit consent and shall only be facilitated by your sharing of the credentials of professional or social networking accounts or email boxes.

          Surveys, Polls, Market Research

          We use information about you, your academic and professional data to determine whether you qualify to participate in a particular survey. We use your email address to invite you to complete surveys and to notify you of news regarding the Physician360 Operations. We use personal information gathered during surveys to analyze the survey results.

          We use your name and address to send you incentives to which you are entitled.

          We use your personal information to verify you are who you say you are, and live where you say you live. Any evidence of false or dishonest information will result in the permanent loss of your membership.

          Your individual information is always placed into anonymous, statistical summaries that are used in marketing research. None of the information collected in surveys is reported by the names or addresses of members. No one outside of Manthan will ever know how you personally answered any of the questions in our surveys. Your contact details or other Personally Identifiable Information (PII) may be shared with third party market research firms ONLY for validation of your participation and/or your compliance with its eligibility criteria or enriching with other secondary data for better research and insights. Your PII will not be shared with the study sponsor.

          We may use your contact information, such as email address, registration data and IP address to verify that you have voluntarily opted-in under our survey administration methodology when required to do so by an Internet Service provider.

          Physician360 communication with you

          We use channels of communication available on Physician360 like text, audio or video chat to communicate with you.

          Physician360 uses phone, fax, email, postal address to communicate with Registered Members. Most of the communication is for sharing content, providing updates about your network and for promotional activity which you permit. You may opt-out to receive most of this information. While we try our best not to contact you for services / communication you have opted out of, some of the information may still trickle to you. Please contact us at ( for any grievance in this matter.

          Communication with other users

          You will also be able to see people who are online and you may use our text, audio, video chat and messaging to communicate with other users on Physician360.

          You are responsible for any information that you share with other users using any of the communication tools available on Physician360.

          Your email, if available to Physician360, will never be shared by Physician360 in the communication to other users.

          Communications that you as a Registered Members initiate through Physician360, will list your name in the message, along with your current work / professional address and phone/fax numbers or other personal / professional information you select to share.

          Sharing information with third parties

          We take the privacy of our users very seriously. We do not sell, rent, or otherwise provide your private information to third parties for marketing or other purposes.

          We may provide data about the usage of our services to third party service providers with whom we contract to help us provide our Services. In such cases, we will have appropriate non-disclosure agreements with such providers to ensure such information is protected and is not misused.

          We may use your information in conjunction with others to segment by geography, education, work profile etc. and use them in our product offerings. At no stage will you be personally identified as part of such offerings.

          As a Registered Member, your personal information may be shared with Continuing Medical Education (CME) and Continuing Education (CE) or other third party service providers only if you choose to.

          We may also share aggregated information or public profile information, without identifying you personally with any third party including but not limited to news agencies, public bodies, associations, publications etc.

          Physician360 runs sponsored programs including but not limited to banner ads, sponsored medical education material, newsletters, branded discussions etc. if you choose to participate your information may be shared with the sponsors. All such sponsored programs will be clearly identified for you to take an informed decision.

          Disclosures to others

          We may also disclose your available personal and other information you provide, to another third party as part of a reorganization or a sale of substantially all of the business or assets of Physician360. Any party to which we transfer or sell Physician360’s assets or assets will have the right to continue to use the personal and other information that you provide to us subject to these policies.




          Any information shared online by you such as chats done by you or information shared by you with other users may continue to reside on our servers as stored by them. We also do not take responsibility of information stored by other users, third parties or search engines at any point of your usage of Physician360.


          Accessing and Changing Your Account Information


          You can review the personal information you have provided to us and make any desired changes to the information you publish, or to the settings for your Physician360 account.

          You may “opt-out” of giving personal information at any time when taking a survey. You may also update or delete your personal information at any time. Once you join our website and receive invitations to complete surveys, you are under no obligation to complete those surveys. You can simply choose not to respond. If you start taking a survey and are asked questions you do not wish to respond to, you may simply stop taking the survey at any point.

          Once you have registered, you may safely update or close your membership (and all of your personal data) at any time.

          Closing Your Account

          You can also close your account at any time by emailing ( If you close your Physician360 account, we will remove all of the private profile information that you have stored with us. We will retain the publicly available data in the database, including all of the information about you that was available on our database prior to your joining the Physician360 network. We may also retain certain data contributed by you if we believe it may be necessary to prevent fraud or future abuse, or for legitimate business purposes, such as analysis of aggregated, non-personally identifiable data, account recovery, or if required by law.



          As responsible users you have obligations to other users and Physician360.

          You must, at all times, respect the terms and conditions of the then-current applicable Privacy Policy and the Terms and Conditions. This includes respecting all intellectual property rights which may belong to third parties.

          You must not download, upload or otherwise disseminate any information which may be deemed to be injurious, defamatory, violent, offensive, racist, sexist or xenophobic, or which may otherwise violate the purpose and spirit of Physician360 and its community of Users.

          You must not provide information to Physician360 and /or other Users which you believe might be injurious or detrimental to your person, professional or social status.

          You must use our services for non-clinical, non commercial use. While we do allow selected client outreach for partner information, market research, expert witness, and career opportunities, these messages have a distinct format and channel-level opt-outs to protect our members. Those found soliciting, scamming, or spamming other members will be removed or suspended from the network at our sole discretion.

          Any violation of these guidelines may lead to the restriction, suspension or termination of your access and/or account by Physician360, as we take these principles seriously and consider them to be the basis on which our Users adhere to the Physician360 website and the services which it offers.

          Other Guidelines

          • Be Real. Physician360 is a professional network to help you enhance your career and medical practice. We require that our members be real people, who provide their real names and accurate information about themselves for and subsequent to registration. We verify this information through public sources and any misleading information may lead to suspension or termination of your account or services.

          • Be Courteous. Courtesy begets courtesy. We request our members to behave professionally and be courteous and honest in communication in their interactions with other users and Physician360. We understand that you are passionate about your profession and may have strong views which you want to share. While sharing your views, opinions, comments please respect other people’s rights and do not share anything that may be deemed inappropriate by other users. Please also do not comment on an individual’s race, ethnicity, origin, sexual orientation, political or religious affiliations, or medical or physical condition.

          • Respect the law and others’ rights. We promote sharing of information, knowledge, opinions and content but without breaking any law and being in the ambit of ethical, legal rules and frameworks. Before sharing or using someone else’s copyrighted works, trademarks, private information, or trade secrets, please make sure you have the legal right to do so.

          • Respect Physician360’s rights. Please don’t use Physician360’s services for commercial gains or violate any elements of the applicable Terms and Conditions or Privacy Policy. Please respect Intellectual property rights of Physician360, other users and third party sites.




          We consider the protection of all personally identifiable information we receive from our website visitors and Registered Members as critical to our corporate mission. Please be assured that we have security measures in place to protect against the loss, misuse, and alteration of any information we receive from you. As with any transmission over the Internet, however, there is always some element of risk involved in sending personal information. To minimize this risk, we encrypt all information that you submit using the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol.

          Private data about you and your practice (name, email address, street address, phone number, specialty education, etc.) is strictly confidential and protected at all times from Non Registered users or casual visitors. Registered Members can see your Professional / Work contact information and practice profile information.




          “Cookies” are pieces of information that a website transfers to your computer’s hard drive for record-keeping purposes. Cookies are used by thousands of websites to make your life as a web user much easier. There are occasions where we may use cookies. For example, we may use cookies to track registrations back to any affiliate site that may have referred you, and we may use cookies to track advertising results.

          Like many website servers we gather information in our log files. Information gathered in log files includes Internet protocol (IP) address, browser type, Internet service provider (ISP), referring and exit pages, platform type, date and time stamp, and number of clicks while onsite.

          Log-file information is not linked to any individually identifiable information, and is used only to administer our systems, to make improvements to our website, and to determine the success of advertising campaigns.




          The Physician360 sites contain links to other websites. While these websites might be of interest to you, please note that their privacy policies may differ from ours. We encourage you to read the privacy statement of each site you visit.

          Legal Disclaimer

          It is possible that we may need to disclose personal information when required by law, such as responses to civil or criminal subpoenas, or other requests by law enforcement personnel. We will disclose such information when we have a good-faith belief that it is necessary to comply with a court order, ongoing judicial proceeding, subpoena, or other legal process or request to Physician360 brought in any country throughout the world, or to exercise our legal rights or defend against legal claims.




          If you believe we have violated our stated Privacy Policy with respect to personal information you have entrusted to us, we urge you to contact our team so we may investigate your complaint. Please contact us on email ( or phone (866)-978-6939 or write to below address (Sub: Privacy Policy Issues)


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